A Message from the World Trade Day 2019 Committee Co-Chairs

It is both exciting and challenging to be Co-Chairs of World Trade Day 2019. It is a challenge because we are moving forward with this event without the leadership of Ray Fogarty, Director of the Chafee Center and founder of World Trade Day, who passed away unexpectedly last September. At the same time, it is exciting to have an opportunity to honor his legacy and continue this event, now in its 34th year.

Ray’s vision was to hold an annual event that would bring the business community together to encourage and support global expansion. As a strong supporter of international trade, World Trade Day embodies his vision of “Bring us your products. We’ll give you the world.”

This year’s theme is “Global Trends: Opportunities and Strategies.” On May 22, we will bring together a group of industry professionals and global business experts to engage in discussions about today’s global trends, focusing attention on the opportunities they present and strategies to pursue them. Global trade is an ever-changing landscape and navigating it has rarely been as challenging, yet so promising. Our hope is to inspire everyone to continue their global expansion, provide insight on key trends, share best practices and learn from others’ success stories.

Please plan to attend on May 22, 2019! World Trade Day is a unique opportunity to participate in in-depth discussions on these and other global issues. With over 500 participants, representing companies large and small from all industries, World Trade Day will provide the perfect forum for learning more about the opportunities the future holds.

We look forward to bringing you this great event and are proud to be able to honor Ray Fogarty and his vision for the Chafee Center and World Trade Day. We hope you will join us.


Ernie Almonte
Partner, RSM, US LLP

Betty Robson
President, JF Moran;
Associate Professor, JWU